Aeromexico should choose between E195-E2 and A220 later this year

Airline must purchase 60 aircraft to replace first-gen Embraer jet fleet

Aeromexico, the country’s largest airline, is expected to close a deal for 60 small jets in 2019, said Andres Conesa, the company’s CEO. In an interview with Bloomberg, the businessman revealed that Aeromexico is studying two planes, the Airbus A220 and the Embraer E195-E2 in a deal that could reach almost $5 billion.

Currently the Mexican company’s regional division has a fleet of 57 Embraer aircraft – 47 E190 and 10 E170 first gen jets. For Conesa, however, the insufficient infrastructure of Mexican airports prevents the company from expanding flights, so the option for larger aircraft. The E195-E2 could increase seating capacity by 25% while the A220 could boost by 35%.

If it depends on tradition, Aeromexico should opt for the Brazilian jet. In addition to being a long-time Embraer customer, the airline is a loyal partner to Boeing, with a main fleet split between 737 and 787.

The imminence of the start of the Boeing-Embraer joint venture strengthens these ties even more, although Aeromexico today has 6 737 MAX grounded because of aircraft safety issues.

The A220 offers 35% more seats than the E190 | Airbus

But an option for Airbus is not ruled out. Owning a 49% stake in Aeromexico, Delta Air Lines has been one of the European manufacturer’s main customers and has just introduced the A220 on its routes.

The former Bombardier jet has build up a large number of orders while Embraer’s rival does not yet display an order book worthy of its predecessors.

The E195-E2: Aeromexico is a long-time Embraer customer


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