A350F will be able to carry 111 tonnes of cargo, closer to rival 777-8F

Airbus announced design review during celebration of 10 years of the widebody’s maiden flight

The A350F, the first pure freighter developed by Airbus (not counting the Beluga), had its capacity to carry payload increased by two tons, the company announced on Wednesday, during the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the widebody’s maiden flight.

The aircraft, expected to enter service in 2026, will be able to carry 111 tons instead of 109 tons, as initially announced.

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According to the company, the new capacity was possible after the evolution of the project.

The new level brings the A350F closer to its future rival, the Boeing 777-8F. The new 777X series aircraft will be able to carry 112 tons although the US manufacturer considers that the jet can have a maximum structural load of 118 tons.

The 777-8F will enter service from 2027 (Boeing)

The two widebodies will be protagonists in the long-haul air cargo market from 2027 when environmental legislation ends the production of aircraft such as the 777F and 767F.

The company also revealed that the freighter jet will have a 175-inch (4.44 m) wide cargo door, larger than the 777F, as well as cargo conversions from the passenger 777.

To date, Airbus has 39 firm orders for the A350F.


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