Airbus response to the Boeing 787, A350 completes 10 years of maiden flight

Aircraft emerged in the 2000s initially as an evolution of the A330, but Airbus soon realized that widebody should be completely new

Airbus celebrated on Wednesday the 10th anniversary of the inaugural flight of the A350, which took place on June 14, 2013.

Incorporating advances in its construction with the extensive use of composite materials and more efficient engines, the A350 was a response to the Boeing 787, launched in 2004, which debuted numerous innovations.

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The European manufacturer, however, was focused at the time on selling the A380 and therefore initially downplayed the Dreamliner. Instead of a new plane, Airbus even proposed an overhaul of the A330.

Initially, Airbus proposed an A330 with new wings and engines as A350 (Airbus)

Only in 2006 did the A350 become the aircraft we know today. The design revision, called Xtra-Wide-Body, resulted in a jet with an unprecedented fuselage at Airbus.

The A350, however, arrived on the market as a widebody with greater capacity and range than the 787. In addition to the initial A350-900 variant, Airbus put the larger A350-1000 into service in 2018.

An A350-1000 from British Airways (Airbus)

Currently, the A350 family approaches 1,000 aircraft on order. Until May, there were 755 A350-900, 173 A350-1000 and 39 A350F, totaling 967 orders. Of these, 535 jets (55%) had been delivered.


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