With 17 commercial aircraft delivered, Embraer had its best 2nd quarter since 2019

According to unofficial data, the manufacturer delivered 10 E175 jets and seven E195-E2 jets to its customers

Embraer managed to increase the pace of deliveries of its commercial jets in the second quarter, according to data collected by ADN. The Brazilian planemaker would have delivered 17 aircraft to its customers between April and June.

It is the highest level of deliveries since 2019, when 26 jets took off from the company’s headquarters in Brazil towards their operators.

According to Planespotters records, ten E175s and seven E195-E2s were shipped to customers. In the first half, Embraer reached the milestone of 24 aircraft, seven more than in the same period of 2022.

Despite this, it is still a low level compared to the pre-pandemic period. In 2017, for example, Embraer delivered 53 commercial jets in the first half of that year.

Date of delivery MSN Registration Customer Livery
13/04/2023 17000937 N760YX Republic Airlines United Express
25/05/2023 17000939 N761YX Republic Airlines United Express
26/05/2023 17000940 N655QX Horizon Air Alaska Air
31/05/2023 17000942 N656QX Horizon Air Alaska Air
01/06/2023 17000941 N762YX Republic Airlines United Express
12/06/2023 17000943 N657QX Horizon Air Alaska Air
21/06/2023 17000945 N658QX Horizon Air Alaska Air
26/06/2023 17000944 N763YX Republic Airlines United Express
26/06/2023 17000947 N659QX Horizon Air Alaska Air
28/06/2023 17000948 N660QX Horizon Air Alaska Air
Date of delivery MSN Registration Customer
28/04/2023 19020091 PS-AEP Azul
19/05/2023 19020086 C-GKQS Porter Airlines
19/05/2023 19020092 PS-AEO Azul
14/06/2023 19020087 C-GKQT Porter Airlines
27/06/2023 19020090 C-GKQU Porter Airlines
30/06/2023 19020093 PH-NXP KLM Cityhopper
30/06/2023 19020094 C-GKQV Porter Airlines

So far, the E175 and E195-E2 have 12 deliveries each. The first-generation E-Jet surprised by having six aircraft delivered to Horizon Air, which represents Alaska Air, and four other aircraft to Republic Airlines, which received United Airlines livery.

The regional aviation market in the USA is going through a difficult moment caused by the lack of manpower, especially crew members. It has been common for a good part of the aircraft fleet to be out of service due to this situation.

Target of 41 jets to be delivered in the 2nd half

Embraer’s flagship commercial product, the E195-E2 has once again equaled its record for deliveries in a quarter. As in the second quarter of 2021, the Brazilian company sent seven aircraft to customers, one jet for KLM Cityhopper, two for Azul and four for Porter Airlines.

Alaska E175 by Horizon Air (Embraer)

The Canadian carrier now operates 13 of these aircraft, configured for 132 passengers.

The result of the 1st half, however, puts pressure on Embraer, which will have to deliver at least 41 commercial aircraft in the final half of 2023 in order to reach the target of 65 jets this year.

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If it wants to go further and reach the 70 aircraft delivered, another 45 jets will be needed in the 2nd semester. In 2022, the manufacturer managed to deliver 40 aircraft in that period, proving that the goal is possible.


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