Widebody Airbus A350 exceeds 1,000 aircraft on order

Long-range aircraft launched almost 20 years ago reached a total of 1,026 firm orders in June, thanks to agreement with Air India

Largest Airbus jetliner, the A350 surpassed the 1,000 aircraft ordered in June. The new level was possible mainly thanks to the order of 40 aircraft by Air India, part of a massive investment by the carrier to expand its routes around the world.

In addition to Air India, Philippine Airlines also announced a deal for nine A350-1000s while Airbus included ten aircraft for undisclosed customers.

With the new orders, the backlog grew by 59 aircraft, once again reducing the distance for the A330 family, which had only six firm orders last month.

Orders for A350 variants in June 2023

However, the A330, Airbus’ most successful widebody, is well ahead, with 1,781 aircraft ordered to date.

Singapore is the biggest customer

Of the 1,026 A350s, 755 are of the A350-900 variant, the first to enter service in 2015. The A350-1000, Airbus’ biggest commercial aircraft after the end of A380 production, now has 224 orders, while the new A350F freighter , 39 orders.

Philippine Airlines A350-1000 (Airbus)

Airbus has already delivered just over half of these orders. There are currently 468 A350-900 and 74 A350-1000 in service.

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The largest operator of the A350 is Singapore Airlines with 62 A350-900s out of 65 on order. Next comes Qatar Airways, the launch customer of the model, with 56 aircraft in its fleet (34 A350-900 and 22 A350-1000).


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