Video: Two Embraer AT-27M Tucano planes collide mid-air in Colombia

Air Force aircraft were flying in formation with three other Tucanos when the wings made contact. One of the pilots died in the crash.

Two Colombian Air Force AT-27M trainer turboprops collided in flight on Saturday, July 1st around 5:30 pm (local time). One of the planes crashed while the other made an emergency landing.

The aircraft manufactured by Embraer were participating in a training flight with three other Tucanos when two of them collided (see video below).

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Wing contact caused a fire in one of the planes that spun out of control to the ground.The images seem to show an ejection, but it’s not possible to confirm.

The other aircraft manages to stabilize the flight and made an emergency landing, according to the Air Force. One of the pilots, Lieutenant Colonel Mario Andrés Espinosa González died.

The two AT-27Ms were part of Air Combat Command No. 2, based in Apiay, Meta. The Colombian Air Force stated that an inspection commission was sent to the site in order to carry out investigations to determine the causes of the crash.

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Until the accident, the Colombian Air Force had 14 Tucano turboprops, which underwent a modernization process carried out by Embraer and concluded in 2020.

The aircraft were redesignated AT-27M after receiving new Collins avionics, two digital screens in place of analog gauges and an overhaul of their airframes to extend their useful life by 15 years.

In addition to the Tucano, the FAC also operates 24 A-29 Super Tucanos, light attack versions of the turboprop.


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