Swiss receives first Bombardier CS300

With capacity for 145 passengers, new jet will enter service on June 1 from Geneva

The Swiss airline received on Friday (26) the first CS300 from Bombardier. A larger version of the CS100, which also debuted for the Swiss company, the CS300 will offer 20 more seats and will enter service on Tuesday (01) from the city of Geneva in the “French” part of Switzerland.

The CS300 is the first commercial jet of the Canadian manufacturer capable of dealing with major competitors in the commercial aviation sector, Boeing and Airbus. As it can carry up to 160 passengers (145 in the Swiss configuration being 30 in the executive and 115 in the economy), the new airplane competes with the Boeing 737 MAX 7 and Airbus A319neo.

The biggest difference compared to them is the configuration of 3 + 2 seat rows instead 3 + 3 of Boeing and Airbus. Bombardier’s plane is therefore longer than they are. It is 38 meters long compared to 33.8 m from the A319neo and 33.6 m from the 737 Max 7. This makes it more capable than the Airbus but a little lower than the Boeing which is also more powerful (see table below).

Its disadvantage, however, is to have gone through a long time of development and the uncertainties of being a 100% new project while its competitors depart from bases known and widely spread by various airlines in the world. The promises, however, are similar to those of all manufacturers: lower operating costs, state-of-the-art systems and a modern, resourceful interior.

Datasheet CS300 A319neo 737 Max 7 E-195-E2
Length 38 m 33.84 m 33.63 m 41.5 m
Wingspan 35.1 m 35.8 m 35.92 m 35.1 m
Height 11.5 m 11.76 m 12.5 m 10.9 m
Maximum take-off weight 65,000 kg 64,000 kg 72.348 kg 60.700 kg
Passenger capacity 160 156 172 146
Reach 3,260 km 6,950 km 7,084 km 4,540 km
Engines PW1524G Leap 1A Leap-1B PW1923G
Power 10560 kg 10886 kg 12150 kg 10432
Seat Configuration 3 + 2 3 + 3 3 + 3 2 + 2

Out of range for Embraer

It is a business segment where Embraer, its biggest competitor, does not have an airplane with the same characteristics. The E195-E2, its largest aircraft, is able to fight directly with the CS100, but in the case of the CS300 it lacks capability to equip it even though the Brazilian jet is even longer in length (41.5 m).

Swiss is one of the largest customers of the new Bombardier family of jets with 30 firm orders for CS100 and CS300. Until March, the company’s last bulletin, there were 360 ​​firm orders, 123 of CS100 and 237 of CS300, in addition to 352 purchase options. The largest customer is Delta Airlines with 75 units of the CS100 version. Air Canada will be the largest operator of the CS300 with 45 aircraft.

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First CS300 is delivered to Swiss airline


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