Russia will have Sukhoi Su-57 updated in 2025

Combat aircraft production with new avionics is expected to begin within four years

Russia’s air force’s most modern fighter plane, the fifth-generation Sukhoi Su-57 jet will be even more advanced in the coming years. According to Russian news agency TASS, production of the upgraded aircraft is expected to start in mid-2025.

An outlet source said the new version of the fighter jet will feature a “fully updated cabin with the most advanced avionics.” According to him, the aircraft will receive a new engine and will be based on the single-seat model

As previously reported by TASS, Sukhoi is also working on a variant of the Su-57 with two seats. This model is designed to control Okhotnik combat drones.

The Russian Air Force is expected to receive 24 Su-57s by the end of 2024 and another 52 units by 2028. The aircraft was officially commissioned in Russia in December 2020, although it is still in the testing phase with a mixed fleet composed of 12 trial and series models.

Russia’s late response to the US Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor fighter, the Su-57 is a multifunctional supersonic fighter, which can act against air, land and naval targets. It is also the first Russian aircraft with stealth capability, currently dominated by the United States and China.


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