Portugal hosts the first meeting of C-390 Millennium airlifter operators

‘Users Group C-390’ event was held at the Portuguese Air Force Base in Beja, in the south of the country

Base No. 11 of the Portuguese Air Force (FAP), in Beja, in the south of the country, is hosting the C-390 Users Group event, the first meeting of operators of Embraer C-390 Millennium multi-mission aircraft.

he meeting takes place betwwen the 28th and 31st of March and focuses on sharing knowledge about the new military aircraft manufactured in Brazil.

The first edition of the event has representatives from the air forces of Brazil, Hungary, Holland and Portugal, who are the first confirmed customers of the C-390.

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Also present are authorities from Austria and the Czech Republic (one of the strategic partners in the Embraer project). Argentina, another partner in the program, did not attend.

During the four days of the C-390 Users Group, participants have the opportunity to see the new installation at the Beja Air Base that was prepared to receive the C-390, as well as watch aircraft presentations.

The first meeting of the ‘C-390 Users Group’ is held in Portugal (FAP)

The first C-390 destined for the FAP, which flew to Portugal at the beginning of this month still with a Brazilian registration (PT-ZDK), participates in the meeting.

The Portuguse Air Force will be the first foreign operator of the C-390 – in the KC-390 version, with the capacity to perform aerial refueling flights.

The purchase of five Embraer aircraft was announced by the European nation in August 2019. The deal also includes the supply of a Millennium flight simulator.

FAP informed that it will take official delivery of its first KC-390 by the end of this year. Currently, the Portuguese aircraft is in the certification phase.