With an eye on partnerships, Embraer takes the C-390 to Aero India 2023

Multirole aircraft is on static display at India’s biggest air show, taking place this week in Bangalore

Amid rumors of negotiations with the Indian government and companies, Embraer took a C-390 Millennium jet to Aero India 2023, the country’s biggest air show, taking place this week in Bangalore.

The Brazilian multirole aircraft is being statically displayed at Embraer’s stand and is part of the defense segment sales effort that includes the A-29 Super Tucano light attack aircraft, the P600 AEW&C early warning variant of the Praetor business jet, in addition to electronic solutions.

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“We are proud to bring Embraer’s iconic C-390 Millennium to India for our guests to experience the true capabilities of this 21st-century military multi-mission aircraft,” said Bosco da Costa Junior, President & CEO, Embraer Defense & Security.

“India is a key market for Embraer, and we are keen to establish partnerships in the country that can further boost India’s defense industries and capabilities. We look forward to engaging with India’s defense & aerospace ecosystem at this event.”

Embraer A-29 Super Tucano (Airwolfhound)

The speech is not just figurative. Embraer would indeed be in extensive negotiations with the government of India and also with private groups to establish more comprehensive partnerships related to its products.

Among them is the supply of the C-390 Millennium to the Indian Air Force, which would include local components in the project. The manufacturer admitted the conversations in the middle of last year, however, there has been no known advance so far.

The P600 AEW (Embraer)

Partners in “Netra”

At the beginning of the year, another information emerged, that Embraer was considering establishing an assembly line for the Super Tucano in India, with the aim of supplying the Indian Air Force, but also meeting possible orders from other nations in the region.

There are also negotiations related to civil models such as the E2 jet line and the new generation turboprop with 70 to 100 seats.

EMB 145 AE&W “Netra” (Venkat Mangudi)

A successful example of partnership between Embraer and India is the supply of the EMB 145 AEW&C aircraft, called “Netra” by the country’s Air Force. The jet even made a pass through the event leading a formation with Russian Su-30 and MiG-29 fighters.

India has been expanding its defense spending due to heightened tensions in the region. The country has a delicate relationship with neighboring Pakistan, in addition to fearing the militarization of China, which has gained momentum in recent years.


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