NATO plans to have 550 F-35 fighter jets in Europe by 2030

The forecast is higher than last year, before the Russian invasion, when a fleet of 450 Lockheed Martin aircraft was expected.

While it still causes some grievances from the US Air Force, the Lockheed Martin F-35 has become the most successful fighter in recent times, thanks to a combination of advanced technology at an attractive cost.

Thanks to this privileged “package”, the 5th generation jet has won several competitions such as Switzerland, Finland, Germany and now Canada, which has just confirmed that the F-35 is preferred in an order of 88 aircraft.

Lockheed’s growing fighter clientele made the Gen. Tod D. Wolters of the US Air Force who is also a NATO commander predicts that by 2030 around 550 F-35 fighter jets will be operational in Europe.

It is an estimate of 100 aircraft more than the forecast made last year by the same NATO. The review comes at a time when the F-35 begins to gain greater importance in the USAF’s strategy, which sent six fighter jets to Poland shortly before the invasion of Ukraine, and also as more countries have become customers of the aircraft.

Only in Europe Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Norway, Poland, Finland, Germany and Switzerland are customers of the F-35.

“They’ll deliver a tremendous improvement in our strategic ability, in indications and warnings, command and control, and mission command, as already demonstrated by the U.S. F-35s that are contributing in the assure and deter mission at this time,” Wolters said.


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