Malaysia Airlines is another carrier to abandon the A380

The airline’s six jets will be retired in the coming months as it plans to focus on smaller widebodies

The list of A380 operators continues to shrink. Now Malaysia Airlines has announced its intention to retire the largest passenger plane in the world, which has been out of service since the start of the pandemic.

Izham Ismail, CEO of Malaysia Aviation Group, the carrier’s parent company, said this week that “We’re currently exploring ways of disposing the aircraft. We’re cognizant of the challenges of how to sell the aircraft but we’re exploring ways.”

Malaysia Airlines has six A380s, received between 2012 and 2013, including the 100th jet produced by Airbus. The long-range aircraft fleet also has 24 A330 (nine A330-200 and 15 A330-300) and six A350-900.

The carrier was a major operator of the Boeing 747 (44 planes) and 777-200, with 17 aircraft, two of which were lost in 2014 under unusual circumstances – one of them was shot down by missiles over Ukraine and the other disappeared over the Indian Ocean.

ANA has three A380 (Airbus)

Which companies still fly with the A380?

The new drop among Airbus double-deck operators joins the airlines Air France, Luthansa, Etihad and Thai who have already confirmed that they will no longer use the aircraft.

Carriers such as Korean Air, Asiana, Qantas, Qatar and Singapore still have the jet in their plans, but with a lesser presence in the flight network.

On the other hand, ANA, the most recent A380 customer, British Airways, and above all Emirates Airline maintains the aircraft as an important asset in its fleets.


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