Lufthansa´s new livery leaks on Facebook

German airline will abolish the yellow color of its planes. Official unveiling will take place on February 7

One of the most well-known airlines in the world will change its livery next week. Lufthansa, Germany’s major airline will revealed the first plane in the next week, but some images leaked today on Facebook.

The big difference revealed by the Boeing 747-8 chosen to debut the painting is the absence of the yellow color. Lufthansa chose to focus only on a dark blue tone that now advances from the tail to the rear of the fuselage. The traditional stylized wings loog and the company name in blue, however, remain practically the same.

In the fuselage, the white color, which had been magnified in the current painting is now involving the entire aircraft. Meanwhile, the gray-colored engine were now painted white. It is possible to notice that the text source seems to have received a slight improvement as well – the electronic address has been suppressed.

“Yes, we´re working on it”

Aware of the leakage of the images, which also ended up being shown in an image of the tablet of the CEO of the company, Carsten Spohr, Lufthansa released a post in the Twitter. There is a photo of the 747-8 being painted and the hashtags #LufthansaBlue and #ExploreTheNew, theme of the campaign that will debut with the new livery.

Lufthansa is one of the airlines that has changed its paint scheme the least in the last decades. Just a small evolution in order to maintain some connection between the past and the present. It is something that also made Air France, another company that still shows some style of its past. It is not something common in aviation, accostumated to deep changes of identity, a way of renewing their images before the public.


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