Lufthansa A380 will return to service in June

World’s largest passenger aircraft will take over route from Munich to Boston and New York in 2023

Lufthansa announced the first two destinations that will feature the return of the Airbus A380, the largest passenger aircraft in the world. The model’s restatement will take place on the Munich-Boston route from June 1st.

Over a month later, on July 4, the flight between the city of Bavaria and New York will no longer be operated by the A340-600, replaced by the A380. The date is symbolic as it is Independence Day in the United States.

The equipment change will mean an 80% increase in the number of seats on the route, as the A380 offers 509 seats, with 8 seats in First Class, 78 seats in Business Class, 52 seats in Premium Eco and 371 seats in Economy Class.

Lufthansa has decided to reactivate its A380s after three years in storage due to the high demand for long-haul flights. With the delay in deliveries of the Boeing 777-9, the German carrier found itself with no alternative to serve its customers.

Lufthansa A380 stored in Teruel (Teruel Airport)

Back to service

By the end of the year, only four of Lufthansa’s eight A380s will be reactivated. The airline once had 14 of these massive double-deckers in its fleet, but sold six of them back to Airbus.

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At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, in 2020, the understanding of several A380 customers was that the aircraft had become obsolete, due to the high cost of operation and the limited number of destinations where it justified its use.

However, some airlines have changed their plans and are reactivating their A380s, such as Qantas, Etihad and Lufthansa. Air France and China Southern Airlines, however, ended the huge four-engine operation without any sign of regret.