LATAM seeks court approval to sell nine Boeing 767-300

Aircraft are part of the LATAM Brasil fleet and will be negotiated with the US company Jetran

LATAM has applied to the US courts for authorization to sell nine Boeing 767-300 jets to the company Jetran. All aircraft are part of the Brazilian division of the airline, part of them stored due to the reduction of the flight network.

Document sent by LATAM lawyers to the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York (, which administers the bankruptcy filing) in June details that the planes are without any financial or legal impediment to being traded.

The aircraft in question have serial numbers 40592, 41746, 41748, 41995, 41996, 41997, 42213, 41993 and 41994 and originally flew over LAN as of 2012.

Two years later, after the merger with TAM, the Boeing 767 were transferred to Brazil to replace the A330-200 then used by the airline.

LATAM Brasil has 13 767-300 in its fleet (LATAM)

LATAM Brasil has 13 units of the 767-300 that form the basis of its long-range fleet. Four of those jets (PT-MOA, PT-MOB, PT-MOC and PT-MOE registration) are in storage, according to the Planespotters website. Another three planes (PT-MOD, PT-MSO and PT-MSV) would be parked.

If the sale process is successful, LATAM Brasil would have only four 767-300 left – PT-MOD, PT-MSO, PT-MSV and PT-MSY registrations. The Brazilian division, however, could use LATAM Chile aircraft, but the drop in demand for international flights in the country may postpone any decision in this regard.

In addition to the 767-300, the Brazilian LATAM owns 10 Boeing 777-300ER as it decided to dispose of its A350-900 earlier this year.


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