Japan Air Lines named as next 737 MAX 10 customer

Japanese carrier closes to announcing order for Boeing single-aisle jet, according to reports

Japan Air Lines (JAL) is expected to become the new customer of the 737 MAX 10, Boeing’s largest single-aisle jet variant. According to Reuters sources, the Japanese carrier is close to announcing an order for more than 20 MAX family aircraft.

Although it does not reveal details, the order should be mostly MAX 8 models, but with some MAX 10, for 230 seats, included. The aircraft, however, has delayed certification and should only enter service in 2024.

JAL is a traditional Boeing customer, having operated the largest fleet of 747 passengers in history. The airline currently has 43 737-800s with an average age of 13 years.

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There are another 13 737-800s with subsidiary Japan Transocean Air, but the main aircraft in the fleet is the Boeing 787, with 47 jets.

The agreement with Boeing comes at a time when the two partners are looking to get closer after JAL orders the A350 from Airbus.

Japan Air Lines Boeing 737-800 (lasta29)

Fleet of regional planes

Due to the characteristics of the Japanese aviation market, Japan Air Lines does not have a large fleet of small aircraft. Its regional subsidiaries, J-Air, Japan Air Commuter and Hokkaido Air System, have ATR turboprops and Embraer jets, however.

JAL intended to rely on the SpaceJet, from Mitsubishi, which would replace part of these planes, but the project ended this year. As compensation, the airline will receive compensation of 8 billion yen, about $59 million.


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