Irkut MC-21-310 gets paint and arrives at Zhukovsky to continue flight tests

Russian jetliner is the variant equipped with PD-14 engines, which replaces Pratt & Whitney’s PW 1400G turbofans

The MC-21-310 test aircraft arrived at the Gromov Flight Research Institute in Zhukosvky this week, UAC announced.

The prototype 005 of the Russian single-aisle jetliner differs from the other four aircraft by using the PD-14 indigenous turbofan, developed by Aviadgatel.

The MC-21-310 flew for the first time in December and is part of Irkut’s actions to reduce dependence on Western suppliers in the commercial jet program for up to 211 passengers.

Originally, the MC-21 was equipped with Pratt & Whitney’s PW 1400G engine, but the US government ordered an embargo on the supply of critical components to Russia.

Until recently, the aircraft was still unpainted, which was made in recent days in “Spektr-Avia”, a UAC unit in Ulyanovsk, where the aircraft took off towards Zhukovsky, about 700 km away.

The MC-21-310 will make its public premiere on MAKS 2021 air show (UAC)

Debut with carrier Rossiya

UAC confirmed that the MC-21 will enter service in 2022 and that the first four production aircraft will be destined for the Rossiya airline.

Irkut’s parent company, however, has not confirmed which engine will power the first MC-21s. Due to the short time until the debut forecast, it is quite likely that the planes will be of the MC-21-300 version, with P&W engines.

Despite this, most orders, almost all from Russian companies, are expected to use the PD-14 turbofan once the MC-21-310 is certified.

According to UAC, the public premiere of the MC-21-310 aircraft will be placed at the MAKS 2021 air show on July 20th.