Icelandair debuts its new livery

Iceland’s flag carrier switched blue-and-yellow scheme to adopt a multi-color layout

Icelandair, the flag carrier of Iceland, debuted its new livery on January 28. One of the Boeing 737 MAX 8s in its fleet flew from Norwich, England, after receiving the new color scheme, to Reikjavik.

It is the first time that the carrier has changed the visual identity of its planes since 2006. The new livery, with the inscription ‘Icelandair’ in large blue letters on the fuselage, is marked by the use of five different colors on the tail (boreal blue, magenta, sky blue, yellow, and green), representing different phenomena in the country such as the aurora borealis.

Icelandair explained the reasons for the seven colors (including the standard blue and white):

  • The midnight blue is our heritage color and the backdrop to the dancing auroras.
  • The snow white represents our glaciers.
  • The boreal blue is a representation of the northern lights.
  • The magenta signifies the collective creative power of Iceland, with just a hint of sunrise.
  • The crisp blue is the Icelandic summer sky that’s filled with light.
  • The golden yellow is the sun reflecting off waterfalls, glaciers, and even simmering magma.
  • The green represents the life that can be found even after the harshest of events.
Icelandair planes will display five different colors on the tail

The initial plan is for five 737 MAX 8s to have the new livery by the end of February, replacing the current layout, with yellow engine nacelles and a blue tail.

Based in Keflavik, Icelandair has 42 aircraft in its fleet, including 23 Boeing 757s, 10 737 MAXs, four 767-300s and five Dash 8 turboprops.

Icelandair old livery (MarcelX42)


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