Hungary’s first KC-390 begins to take shape

The country’s Air Force will be the first to operate the Embraer aircraft with an Intensive Care Unit. Delivery expected in the second quarter of 2024

Embraer shared images of the Hungarian Air Force’s first KC-390. The aircraft is part of an order for two jets signed in November 2020.

The airlifter is in the process of assembling the half wings on the aircraft’s fuselage, with both structures already painted in Air Force colors.

According to the manufacturer, the KC-390 being assembled in Gavião Peixoto should fly from the second half of 2023 and be delivered in the second quarter of 2024.

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The second aircraft, in turn, will enter production in December, with delivery expected at the end of 2024.

Hungary is the second international customer of the KC-390 Millennium that will differ in the configuration of an Intensive Care Unit.

The aircraft should make its maiden flight in the 2nd half of 2023 (Embraer)

“Follow the assembly of our first C-390 aircraft and the production of the aircraft is significantly ahead of what was compared to the first Colonel Force than the original plans, progress better planned,” said Head of Air Force László Systems Development Branch.

Like the Portuguese and Dutch KC-390s, Hungary’s aircraft will be compatible with NATO operations, the military alliance that brings together several Western countries.

Thanks to the underwing refueling probes, the two KC-390s will be able to refuel Hungary’s Saab Gripen C/D fighters.

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