How Russia made a direct flight from Moscow to Cuba again

Rossiya Airlines, a subsidiary of Aeroflot, resumed its route between the Russian capital and the resort of Varadero on July 1 with a Boeing 777-300ER. Flights had been suspended after the invasion of Ukraine

Aeroflot, through its subsidiary Rossiya Airlines, has resumed direct flights between Moscow and Cuba, in the Caribbean, since July 1st.

The route, for the time being operated only twice a week, is carried out with the Boeing 777-300ER, on Thursdays and Saturdays. The return flight takes place on the same day of arrival, with a duration of almost 13 hours.

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The long journey, over 9,500 km, is due to the closure of airspace for Russian aircraft both in Europe and North America, after the invasion of Ukraine.

The restrictions force the 777-300ER to take off from Sheremetyevo Airport towards the north, leaving Russian territory through the Murmansk region.

The long flight from Moscow to Varadero, in Cuba (FR24)

In the Barents Sea, the Rossiya aircraft makes a left turn, heading west, crosses the Norwegian Sea and flies between Greenland and Iceland, heading southwest, well off Canada and the United States, in international waters.

Just then, already close to the Caribbean island, the Boeing 777 makes a right turn towards Juan Gualberto Gomez Airport, in Varadero, a popular tourist destination for Russians.

Route carried out since 1962

“Cuba is a key partner of Russia in Central America and it is absolutely logical that it is necessary to develop economic relations between our countries,” — said Dmitry Chernyshenko, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.

Chernyshenko added that “Cuba is also a safe, affordable and visa-free resort where citizens of Russia prefer to rest.”

Tupolev Tu-114

The route between Russia and Cuba is one of the oldest operated by Aeroflot, an airline created in 1923, a few years after the emergence of the Soviet Union.

The first regular flight between the two countries began in 1962 with four-engined turboprop aircraft Tupolev Tu-114, a commercial variant derived from the Tu-95 “Bear” bomber.


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