HondaJet reaches 250 aircraft delivered since 2015

Honda’s first business jet debuted on the market almost eight years ago and has since attracted several customers around the world

Aircraft manufacturing in Japan peaked during the Second World War and since then has become a supporting activity given the technical knowledge and investment capacity of the country’s industry.

Although it has put into service some aircraft such as the F-1 fighter or the Kawasaki C-2 tactical transport, Japanese manufacturers have failed to expand production to other markets.

The last failed attempt was made by Mitsubishi, which had enormous ambitions with the SpaceJet regional jets, which were defeated by high costs and the company’s difficulty in dealing with bureaucratic certification procedures.

But a Japanese company managed to overcome these obstacles, Honda. The famous motorcycle and automobile manufacturer decided to enter the business aviation market at the beginning of the century with an unusual aircraft, the HondaJet.

Ceremony celebrating 250 HondaJets delivered (Honda)

HondaJet has engine over the wings

It took years and years of development until the light business jet entered service at the end of 2015.

Since then, the HondaJet has paid for Honda’s continued effort. On January 31, the company celebrated at its facilities in Greensboro, North Carolina, the delivery of the 250th executive jet, an impressive milestone for a brand with no tradition in the segment.

With a unique configuration, whose engines are installed on supports above the wings, the HondaJet has refined aerodynamics and unparalleled internal space in its category.

Honda did not rest on its laurels with the project and has applied improvements to the aircraft, which now has Elite version in 2018, Elite S in 2021 and the following year, Elite II.

Hondajet Elite

“The 250th delivery milestone is not just a number, but a narrative of our constant pursuit of excellence and innovation,” said Honda Aircraft Company President & CEO Hideto Yamasaki. “We are grateful for the global recognition and trust that customers place in the HondaJet. We remain dedicated to advancing the aviation industry, continually pushing the boundaries of skyward mobility to enhance joy and freedom for customers.”

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According to the company, the global HondaJet fleet has already exceeded 210,000 flight hours with a dispatch reliability of 99.7%.

Now, Honda is preparing to expand the family of corporate aircraft with the HondaJet Echelon, with greater passenger capacity and autonomy. The debut of the new plane is scheduled for 2028.