Fourth Embraer KC-390 aircraft to be delivered to Brazil in the coming days

Tactical transport aircraft received order for 28 units of the country’s Air Force, in addition to seven other jets from Portugal and Hungary

The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) is about to receive the 4th KC-390 Millennium in the coming days. A photo of the aircraft at Embraer’s facilities was posted by Lieutenant Brigadeiro Baptista Jr, general commander of logistics, on his Twitter account.

With FAB 2856 registration, the twin-engine jet is the second KC-390 that will be delivered to the FAB this year, which received two other planes in 2019. There are still 24 units to be delivered by 2027, at an annual rate of between three and four planes.

The Air Force is allocating the KC-390 to the First Troop Transport Group (1st GTT), known as “Zeus Squadron”. The group is based in Wing 2, at the Anapolis airbase, which will also receive the new F-39 Gripen fighters.

So far, Embraer has closed two other KC-390 agreements: Portugal, with an order for five aircraft, and Hungary, which last month confirmed the acquisition of two planes. But the company’s expectation is that the airlifter will soon be used by other air forces.

The airlifter will be based in Anapolis (@CBaptistaJr/Twitter)

Strategic partners of the program, Argentina and the Czech Republic signed a letter of intention to purchase six and two aircraft, in order, but have not yet signed agreements with Embraer to carry out the orders.

The C-390 Millennium is offered as a faster and more capable alternative than the Lockheed Martin C-130M turboprop, the most successful military transport aircraft in history.


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