First Iraqi Airways A220-300 unveiled

Aircraft is part of an order for five jets to be delivered starting in October

Iraqi Airways revealed on its social media profile images of its first Airbus A220-300. The aircraft is being completed in Mirabel, Canada, and is scheduled for delivery in October, according to the company.

In the description of the images, Iraqi Airways reveals that it sent the first group of crew members for training at Lufthansa’s facilities in Germany.

The carrier also says it is hopeful of receiving other new aircraft between the end of this year and the beginning of 2022, without specifying the models – there would be an order for ten 787-8s, but which are not listed in Boeing’s records.

Iraqi Airways’ fleet currently consists of 30 planes, according to Planespotters. The main aircraft in service is the Boeing 737-800, with 14 jets, in addition to three A320, two A321 and six CRJ-900.

The carrier’s long-range routes are serviced by a mix of aircraft, including two Boeing 747-400, an A330-200, a 767-300 and a 777-200.

Iraq war

Iraqi Airways has been going through a new phase since 2005 when it resumed its services after the Iraq War, which deposed the dictator Saddam Hussein. Since then, the company, under a new legal identity, has gradually sought to rebuild its air network.

Founded in 1946, the airline had very prosperous periods when it acquired aircraft such as the Hawker Siddeley Trident and the Boeing 707, 727 and 737.

Iraqi Airways Boeing 747-200 (Steve Fitzgerald)

In 1975, Iraqi ordered four Boeing 747-200, then the largest passenger jet in the world. The company also operated the 747-100 and the 747SP long-range variant.

The 1991 invasion of Kuwait, however, put the future of Iraqi Airways on the line, but the airline resisted for many years. The arrival of the first A220-300 is symbolic for a company that has completed 75 years of existence.


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