First F-35A fighters arrive in Denmark

Four Lockheed Martin combat aircraft landed at Skrydstrup Airport after a transfer flight from the US

The Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF) received the first four Lockheed Martin F-35A fighters from an order for 27 aircraft on Thursday.

The stealth jets flew from the manufacturer’s facilities in the USA to Skrydstrup Airport, making a technical stopover in the Azores.

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“As newly appointed Defense Industrial Attaché, it is a privilege to oversee the first aircraft ferry of Denmark’s new F-35 Lightning II,” said His Royal Highness Brig. Gen. Prince Joachim of Denmark.

The F-35 is a huge step forward in technology. The arrival of the F-35 provides Denmark and the Danish Armed Forces a beacon to transform the armed forces to 5th Generation.”

Lockheed sent the first F-35 fighter jets to Denmark (RDAF)

The Nordic country’s Air Force has another six F-35A that are at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona, to support the training of pilots and ground crews.

The F-35As will replace the F-16s, which are being prepared to be sent to the Ukrainian Air Force, as part of the support package for the country, which is fighting to recover regions invaded by Russia.

F-35s will replace F-16s in the Royal Danish Air Force

Denmark becomes the 10th country to operate the F-35, a 5th generation fighter that has received several orders in recent years. Skrydstrup becomes the 31st base to have Lockheed Martin aircraft.

The Royal Danish Air Force is expected to have 27 F-35s by 2027.


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