Eve co-founder Andre Stein is the new CEO of startup Eviation

Executive left the Embraer subsidiary after more than 3 years developing the company’s first eVTOL. In the new role, the executive will lead the Alice electric passenger and cargo aircraft project

The startup Eviation, based in Arlington, Washington, has a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Andre Stein. The Brazilian executive was co-founder of Eve, an Embraer subsidiary focused on Urban Air Mobility (UAM).

In the new company, Stein will lead the development, production and sale of the Alice, a battery-electric aircraft with variants for nine passengers and cargo.

He joins new Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Jeff Hurford, also appointed on January 25 and who left Cirrus Aircraft.

The new executives’ first challenge will be to obtain type certification for the electric aircraft, which is in the midst of test flights in Moses Lake.

Andre Stein, Eviation new CEO (Eviation)

The plane project has gone through several setbacks since the startup was created by Israelis Omer Bar-Yohay, Omri Regev and Aviv Tzidon.

In 2019, controlling interest was acquired by the Clermont group, from Singapore, which also owns MagniX, the company that supplies the Alice’s electric motors.

In the meantime, the original configuration was replaced by a more conventional design, but in 2020 another disappointment: a prototype was lost in a fire.

In February 2022, Omer Bar-Yohay announced his departure from the company after disagreements with other shareholders. A month earlier, Eviation had lost its CEO, Roei Ganzarski.

Eve e VTOL (Embraer)

The inaugural flight only took place in September 2022, after several postponements and the move from Arlington Municipal Airport to the better-structured Moses Lake Airport, both in the state of Washington.

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Andre Stein leaves Eve at a time when the company is preparing to present the first prototype of the Eve-100, its five-seat eVTOL.

The Embraer subsidiary plans to put the electric aircraft into service in 2026 and Stein was the most relevant spokesperson for the project so far.