Embraer video shows Portugal’s first KC-390 in flight

Aircraft is expected to be delivered in 2023 after receiving standard NATO equipment. Portuguese Air Force ordered five multi-role freighters

Embraer released a video on Thursday showing the first KC-390 of the Portuguese Air Force (FAP) in flight. The aircraft, with provisional registration PR-ZDK, undergoes a test campaign at the Gavião Peixoto facility, in Brazil, before being sent to the company OGMA, in Portugal.

At the Embraer subsidiary, the multi-role freighter jet will receive standard equipment for aircraft used by NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, of which Portugal is a signatory.

Only then will the first of five KC-390s be delivered to the Air Force, where they will replace the old C-130 turboprops. FAP officials accompany the entire process, which must meet specific requirements of the European country.

According to Embraer, the Portuguese KC-390 “complies with all the requirements of the FAP, being capable of carrying out several civilian missions, including humanitarian support, medical evacuation, search and rescue and forest fire fighting, adding superior transport and cargo launch capabilities. and troops, and in-flight refueling”.

Portugal ordered five KC-390 (Embraer)

Unlike the Brazilian Air Force aircraft, which display a camouflaged livery, the Portuguese KC-390s received a gray pattern, similar to what the FAB itself uses on aircraft such as the KC-30.

In addition to the five KC-390s from Portugal, Embraer closed agreements with Hungary (two aircraft) and the Netherlands, which ordered another five jets.

Brazil, from an original order of 28 planes, now has 21 KC-390s confirmed for now. The intention of the current Air Force Commander, however, is to cut another six aircraft from the order.

In addition to the five KC-390s in operation in Brazil and the first Portuguese aircraft, Embraer has six other freighters under assembly.


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