Brazilian Air Force withdraws one more KC-390 aircraft from order to Embraer

Change in the 2014 agreement would not have had the agreement of the planemaker, which says “it will evaluate the appropriateness of the decision”

The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) has decided to cancel the purchase of one KC-390 aircraft in its contract with Embraer. The original order of 28 aircraft had been reduced to 22 planes at the beginning of 2022 and now reaches 21 airlifters.

The announcement of the suppression of a KC-390 was made by Embraer in a statement to shareholders. The company stated that “it became aware of the Union’s decision to suppress an aircraft in the context of Contracts 002/DCTA-COPAC/2014 and 10/DCTA-COPAC/2014, signed in 2014.”

Embraer appears to have been surprised by the Air Force’s decision. “The Company will evaluate the appropriateness of the Federal Government’s decision. If applicable, the Company will evaluate the applicable terms to ensure the economic and financial rebalancing of the Contracts, as well as the effects of the eventual suppression of the aircraft on its business and results,” concluded the note released. on Tuesday.

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According to the Valor Econômico outlet, the FAB decided to end the friendly negotiations with Embraer to reduce the order to just 15 aircraft.

Brazilian Air Force KC-30 (FAB)

The Air Force claims to face budget constraints to receive fewer KC-390 freighter jets, but at the same time it has invested in the KC-X3 program, which converts two Airbus A330-200s to the MRTT standard.

The FAB, through the current Commander, who took over in April 2021, is negotiating the acquisition of a second batch of Saab Gripen E/F fighter jets.

Embraer had 35 firm orders for the C-390 Millennium, but with the confirmation of the reduction made by the Brazilian government, responsible for launching the program, it should have 27 orders, including the Dutch order for five aircraft.


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