Embraer previews what its business jet of the future could look like

Conceptual aircraft was unveiled by the manufacturer at NBAA, the largest business aviation event in the world

On Tuesday, Embraer unveiled what its future business jets should look like at the NBAA (National Business Aviation Association), the world’s largest executive aviation meeting.

The Brazilian manufacturer presented a concept aircraft that includes several technologies that it considers essential in the new market scenario, including autonomous flight, sustainable propulsion, the extensive use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a new manufacturing process based on “Industry 4.0”.

Embraer’s executive jet of the future is a mid-size model, similar to the Praetor family, with solutions never seen before in the segment, such as the absence of a cockpit, replaced by a lounge with large windows.

Access to the plane is via a staircase located in the central section of the fuselage that leads to a very spacious cabin, equipped with large windows that includes multifunctional screens.

The aircraft’s configuration draws attention due to the massive tail, possibly indicating a type of hydrogen-hybrid propulsion, due to the space in the rear section.

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The two stacked engines have large air intakes while the stabilizers are of the “V” type, as in the classic Bonanza.

Embraer had not detailed its plans regarding the concept until the publication of this article. The company is exhibiting the Praetor 500, Praetor 600 and Phenom 300E jets in Orlando, Florida.

Embraer did not reveal what type of propulsion the executive jet will have, but the configuration resembles the hybrid hydrogen concept (Embraer)