Embraer offers conversion of ERJ 145 to semi-private aircraft

Regional 50-seat jet can be configured with 16 to 28 premium seats and more spacious cabin interior

Embraer unveiled on Tuesday an aftermarket solution for the ERJ 145 jets that allows conversion to a semi-private aircraft.

In the new configuration, the 50-seat aircraft has 16 to 28 seats in rows of two seats only (one on each side of the cabin).

In addition, the manufacturer offers the removal of overhead bins and include a flat floor which widen passengers’ personal space. The complete conversion can be done at Embraer Owned Service Centers.

The differences between the current and semi-private interior (Embraer)

According to Embraer, the conversion is aimed at passengers who usually travel first class and may require more suitable flight options.

“We have identified this opportunity given the growing number of aircraft with semi-private interiors, which have doubled in two years, from 21 in 2019 to more than 40 in 2021. With the pandemic, we believe this number will increase even more,” said Marsha Woelber, Head of Worldwide Executive Jets Customer Support & Aftermarket Sales, Embraer Service & Support.

The ERJ series was produced by Embraer between 1995 and 2020 with 1,230 aircraft assembled. In addition to the ERJ 145, airframer also offered the ERJ 135 (37 seats) and ERJ 140 (44 seats) variants on the market.

The ERJ also gave rise to the Legacy 600 business jet, which debuted in 2002.

Each row has two seats in the semi-private configuration (Embraer)


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