Embraer may have more than one aircraft assembly line in India

Manufacturer’s CEO discusses with potential partners to assemble the E2 jets and also the KC-390 military freighter in the country

Embraer is discussing not only opening an aircraft production plant in India, but having a multiple assembly lines, capable of producing everything from E2 commercial jets to the KC-390 multi-role airlifter in the country.

During participation in the B20 Summit event, in New Delhi, Francisco Gomes Neto, CEO of the company, commented on conversations with potential Indian partners.

“We see India as a very good opportunity for collaboration,” the chief executive told Bloomberg. “India has very competitive labor costs, has availability of engineering, has design and technical expertise. We can put together something good for both sides,” he explained.

India, which has become the most populous country in the world, is in the midst of a massive investment program in technology, which culminated this week in the landing of a probe on the moon.

In the military field, the nation is expanding and modernizing its armed forces, with the production of fighters, aircraft carriers and transport aircraft such as the C295, by Airbus, which will be assembled locally.

E195-E2 (Embraer)

But it is the order for up to 80 multi-mission aircraft that makes Embraer’s eyes grow. The requirements fit the characteristics of the C-390 Millennium, hence the company’s approach to potential Indian partners such as the state-owned Hindustan Aerospace.

More ambitious, however, is India’s air travel market, which is shaping up to be one of the most competitive in the world. In 2023, airlines IndiGo and Air India carried out massive aircraft orders, but focused on Boeing and Airbus jets.

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Embraer, for the time being, has been content to see the E175 operated by the small Star Air, a Bangalore-based regional carrier that has leased four of these aircraft.

For this reason, a possible production of the E2 family in Indian territory would open up an unbeatable range of opportunities and would be a relief for Embraer since the new passenger jets have had little demand so far.


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