Embraer KC-390 receives certification in Brazil

Aircraft certification program began seven years ago; first aircraft will be delivered to the FAB in 2019

The Brazilian National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) issued the “Type Certification” for the Embraer KC-390 multi-mission military freighter on Friday. It allows the aircraft to be sold and operated throughout the Brazilian territory.

The KC-390’s certification program began seven years ago. According to Embraer, more than 2,500 requirements were verified and the project involved the participation of approximately 200 ANAC accredited professionals.

The basic platform of the KC-390, although of military use, meets the levels set forth in the Brazilian Civil Aviation Regulation, which is identical to the standards used by the larger aircraft used in Brazilian commercial aviation.

ANAC certification is issued when the aircraft demonstrates that it has met all the necessary operational, safety and environmental protection requirements for its use.

Brazilian giant

The Embraer KC-390 is the largest aircraft developed in Latin America, with a maximum weight of up to 81 tons – although not the longest, which belongs to the new E195-E2 commercial jet. The military aircraft was designed to meet the operational requirements of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) and to replace the fleet of the Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules turbo-propellers, which have been flying in Brazil since 1964. The Brazilian air force will receive the first units of the aircraft as of 2019 – the total order is 28 aircraft.

With the proposal to replace the Hercules, the KC-390 was developed to fulfill the same missions of the old North American turbo-propeller, but with practically double the speed (up to 850 km / h) and more cargo, with maximum capacity of 26 tons (6 tons more than Hercules).

In addition to transporting equipment and troops, the Embraer military freighter can launch cargo and parachute, refuel other aircraft in flight, search and rescue missions with special equipment, firefighting and even flights to Antarctica.

Each unit of the KC-390 is valued at about $ 85 million. In addition to meeting FAB’s needs, Embraer believes that the new military jet can also be one of the main market options in the medium-sized military cargo segment over the next 20 years, replacing former Hercules fleets worldwide.

In its proposed partnership with Embraer, Boeing has shown great interest in helping the Brazilian company sell the KC-390 in other markets.


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