Current largest aircraft in the world, Stratolaunch Roc performs 5th flight

US carrier aircraft, which inherited title with the destruction of the An-225 in Ukraine, has tested a new launch pod for the hypersonic vehicle Talon

Stratolaunch performed on Wednesday the 5th flight of the Roc, currently the largest aircraft in the world. The massive six-engine, two-fuselage plane took off from the Mojave Air and Space Port to remain in the air for nearly 5 hours.

The test debuted a new pylon installed on the central wing of the aircraft and which will be used to transport the Talon-A hypersonic unmanned vehicles.

“The hardware is comprised of a mini-wing and that is constructed with aluminum and carbon fiber skins”, explained the company.

The Talon A is a rocket-propelled, air-launched vehicle. It will be used as a testbed for technologies and equipment needed for hypersonic flights above Mach 5.

The new pylon (Stratolaunch)

Stratolaunch is building two of these vehicles in addition to the TA-2, a fully reusable variant. The company’s goal is to start commercial service of the launch pad in 2023.

New largest flying aircraft in the world

The Roc, a nickname that was made official by the company, inherited the title of largest flying aircraft in the world after the destruction of the Antonov An-225 in Ukraine by invading Russian forces.

Although it broke the all-time record for the largest wing span aircraft (385ft/117m), the Model 351 (designer Scaled Composites) has a maximum take-off weight of 590 tons, 50 tons less than the Mriya.

Talon A hypersonic vehicle (Stratolaunch)


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