Brazilian Navy UH-15 Super Cougar helicopter crash kills two soldiers

Aircraft was participating in a military exercise on Monday, August 8. Another 12 occupants survived

A heavy helicopter UH-15 Super Cougar, from the Brazilian Navy, suffered a serious accident on Monday, August 8, while participating in military exercises in the region of Formosa, in the state of Goias in the countryside.

Of the 14 soldiers on board, two died, Sergeant Luís Fernando Tavares Augusto, who served in the Marine Corps Armored Battalion, and Sergeant Renan Guedes Moura, stationed at the Marine Corps Base on Ilha do Governador.

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According to the Navy, the aircraft was carrying out a “Fast Rope” type exercise, a technique for quickly disembarking troops in an adverse environment. The force, however, did not explain the circumstances of the accident with the Super Cougar nor did it release images of the incident.

The Brazilian Navy reported that “an Aeronautical Accident Investigation Commission was set up to investigate the circumstances of the accident” and that “a Preliminary Report with information such as the history of the occurrence, reports and technical opinions should be completed within 180 days”.

The registration helicopter N-7106 involved in the accident (MB)

The UH-15 Super Cougar helicopter involved in the accident has registration N-7106 and was assembled in Brazil by Helibras. It is a model H225M from Airbus Helicopters and used in general use in the Brazilian Navy.

The aircraft was about 10 years old and is part of the H-XBR program, a joint order for helicopters by the Navy, Air Force and Army.


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