Brazilian Air Force took delivery of the 7th F-39E Gripen fighter

Saab aircraft landed at Anápolis Air Base after being disembarked from a ship at the beginning of the week

The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) already has its new F-39E Gripen fighter. The Saab aircraft, registration FAB 4107, arrived at Anápolis Air Base on Friday, December 15, after a 1h30 flight from Navegantes Airport, in southern Brazil.

The seventh operational fighter received, the new Gripen was disembarked from the Dutch ship Florijngracht at the beginning of the week, after sailing from Sweden.

Hours after being removed from the vessel, the fighter was towed to a hangar at the neighboring airport, where it was prepared for flight.

On site, Saab reinstalls the ejection seat and other systems that travel separately. The aircraft also carried out an engine test on the ground before being considered fit to fly.

Brazilian Air Force Gripen E FAB 4107 (Saab)

The F-39E FAB 4107 took off from Navegantes at 10:30 am, piloted by Lieutenant Colonel Aviator Abdon de Rezende Vasconcelos, who is part of the Flight Research and Testing Institute (IPEV) of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB).

For now, the new fighters will be operated by the 1st Air Defense Group, but the FAB must choose a second group to receive them in the future.

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There are now eight Gripen fighters flying in Brazil as since 2020 the F-39E FAB 4100 has been used for tests from Embraer’s Gripen Flight Test Center, in Gavião Peixoto.