Bombardier Global 7000 makes its first public appearance

The largest corporate jet created participate in the 2017 edition of the NBAA

Bombardier led the NBAA, the largest corporate aviation event in the world, its biggest star, the Global 7000 corporate jet. The fourth prototype of the jet, known as “The Architect”, was chosen for the first public appearance of the plane. Bombardier is also preparing the fifth and final prototype of the Global 7000, which will have finished interior and will be responsible for the final tests before the jet enters service in 2018.

But what makes Global 7000 so special? According to Bombardier, some unique aspects among them offer the possibility of configuring your cabin with four environments, plus kitchen and crew area. In addition to the sophistication, the huge jet is also capable of achieving unparalleled performance.

The aircraft, equipped with two GE Passport turbofan engines with 16,500 pounds each thrust, can carry up to 19 passengers and take off from short and hot runways to reach Mach 0.925 (1,133 km / h at sea level). The autonomy is so great (13,705 km) that the Global 7000 will take off from Dubai and will arrive in New York or from London and land in Singapore.

First delivery in the second half of 2018

The Global 7000 was unveiled at the 2010 NBAA along with the shorter and longer range version, the Global 8000. At present, eight production units are already being assembled at Bombardier’s facilities in Toronto, Canada.

So far, the four prototypes have added 900 flight hours. If all goes well, the “biggest executive jet in the world” will begin its career in the second half of next year.


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