Bolivian carrier Amaszonas had its AOC suspended

The airline stopped flying in August after the Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil – DGAC prevented it from operating with Embraer E190 jets

Amaszonas, a small airline in Bolivia, had its Air Operator Certificate suspended on November 18, reported DGAC, the South American country’s aviation authority.

The reason given by the agency is the absence of an aircraft available for its operations. According to DGAC, Amaszonas continues to have its certificates, however, they lose effect until the company proves it is capable of maintaining an active airline network.

The suspension is another chapter in the troubled career of the airline, which almost went bankrupt in 2020 but was saved by the Nella group and returned to flying months later.

In July, however, the lessor GY Aviation requested the suspension of the registrations of four Embraer E190s leased to Amaszonas, due to lack of payment.

Two jets were already out of service at the time and, after a deadline given by the government for the situation to be resolved, DGAC announced the suspension of E190 registrations, leaving Amaszonas without any aircraft fit to fly from August onwards.

Despite legal action to try to recover the planes, Amaszonas ended up being sold by Nella to a local businessman, who promised to resolve the disputes with GY Aviation.

Amaszonas E190 (CDB)

“Initially, the airline must review and observe non-compliance with current regulations, RAB 119 in which the Air Operator Certificate is generated. One of the main limitations observed is that the company does not have the availability of an aircraft, which would be limiting the restart of its operations,” said José García, executive director of DGAC.

García further stated that the agency “will make all pertinent communications to await the corrective action plan, in which the company will propose how they will summarize their operations within the period they see fit.”

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Since the DGAC’s determination that banned the aircraft from operating, three of the four E190s have been parked at Santa Cruz and La Paz airports. The fourth Embraer jet has been at its headquarters in Brazil since the first half of the year.


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