Boeing gets first commercial aircraft orders in 2020

But February balance remains negative, after some customers withdrew from their jets

After ending January without a single plane sold, Boeing finally managed to close its first orders in 2020. In February, the US manufacturer won 18 new orders, all for the 787 with the exception of a 767-300F for Federal Express. However, the balance of the month fell again with the cancellation of other orders, especially the 737 Max.

According to the company, Air Lease Corporation placed an order for three 787-9 and Oman Air for four other planes of the same model. Boeing added another ten Dreamliners to unidentified customers (seven 787-10 and three 787-9).

As the manufacturer confirmed the cancellation of four 787, one 777 and 41 737 Max, the balance of orders until February was minus 25 planes. Part of these cancellations involved changing orders such as the order from the Air Lease Corporation, which replaced nine 737 Maxs for the three 787-9 and Oman Air, which replaced 10 737 with the four Dreamliners.

Air Canada and Japan Investment Advisors, meanwhile, canceled orders for 11 and 10 Max series jets. Boeing now has a backlog of 5,567 aircraft, 81% of which are 737 Max (4,507 units).

Boeing announced the delivery of 17 planes last month, the vast majority of the 787 family. There were eight 787-9, three 787-10, one 787-8, one 777F, three 767-300F and one P-8 Poseidon, a 737 -800 converted for maritime patrol.

Air Canada canceled an order for 11 737 Max jets in February (Boeing)

Airbus without orders

If it is any consolation for Boeing, its rival Airbus did not close any sales deal in February. The European manufacturer, however, has a backlog of 7,670 aircraft after delivering 55 units last month.

The A320 family accounted for 40 of those deliveries (37 for the NEO version and three for the CEO) while the A220 had four planes delivered to its customers. Among the widebodies, seven A350-900s were delivered, including the first for Aeroflot, and two A350-1000, in addition to two A330s (one A330-900neo and one A330-300 for Aer Lingus).

With the spread of coronavirus and the drop in passenger demand, it is likely that the numbers of Boeing and Airbus in the coming months will be drastically affected due to postponements requested by customers.

Airbus had no orders in February, but delivered 55 planes, including the first Aeroflot A350 (Airbus)


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