ATR signs Letter of Intent for 36 turboprops with Japan’s Feel Air holding

Group intends to launch new Japanese regional airlines and will feature ATR 42-600, 72-600 and STOL 42-600S variants

On a first day with few announcements of orders in Farnborough, ATR drew attention with a letter of intent for 36 turboprops with the company Feel Air, from Japan.

The holding company plans to launch new regional airlines in its country and for that it intends to receive models ATR 42-600, ATR 72-600 and the STOL ATR 42-600S version.

According to ATR, Feel Air intends to improve air mobility throughout the Japanese archipelago, which has around 100 airports.

“Feel Air Holdings aims to bring a new dynamic to Japanese regional air travel, making it more versatile, more meaningful, and more accessible to all. Thanks to their reduced CO2 emissions and fuel efficiency, ATR aircraft can help us to do this in a sustainable manner, allowing us to contribute actively to local communities while also protecting Japan’s many beautiful natural landscapes,” said Taiichi Kojima, President of Feel Air.

The companies have not stipulated when the letter of intent should become a firm contract.

There are currently only 15 ATR aircraft flying in Japan, but two new operators are expected to start service soon. The manufacturer controlled by Airbus and Leonardo sees potential for 100 turboprops in the Asian country.

Exectuvis of ATR and Feel Air in Farnborough


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