ATR proposes special cabin versions for its turboprops

The world’s best-selling passenger turboprop now features the ATR Highline, a collection of interiors ranging from more classy cabins to “bespoke VIP”

ATR presented at the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX 2023) a new proposal for the interior of its turboprops. Dubbed the ATR Highline, the collection of configurations encompasses offering a more enjoyable passenger experience.

There are five possible configurations, ranging from a simple division of classes, as in jets, to a “tailor-made” VIP version. Check out:

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The “Multi-Class” cabin has a “first class” layout, in line with what Embraer offers in the US with the E175. ATR claims that the turboprop could be an option for older regional jets like the ERJ 145 and CRJ as it seats 50 in that configuration.

Multi-Class cabin (ATR)


In this option, the cabin can be converted from traditional double seats to an armchair with a side table. The manufacturer guarantees that the process is fast and ideal for chartered flights.

Premium-Flex cabin (ATR)

All-Business Class

According to ATR, the turboprops can accommodate up to 30 passengers with individual executive seats. In addition, the configuration qualifies for Part 135 certification for private flights.

All-Business Class cabin (ATR)


In the Multisection, the Franco-Italian planemaker envisions serving heads of state by creating two separate cabins, one in lounge style and the other to accommodate guests or support staff.

Multi-Section cabin (ATR)

Bespoke VIP

Finally, ATR offers to create exclusive environments, tailored to its customers. The company claims that the cross-section of its aircraft has a huge advantage over executive turboprops and a whole range of business jets.


Bespoke VIP cabin (ATR)

With no direct competitors at the moment, ATR enjoys an advantage in the turboprop market while new designs do not come to market. The Highline proposal will certainly help the company keep its aircraft in the spotlight as it plans its future.


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