Argentina and Norway sign agreement for the sale of four P-3 Orion

Maritime patrol aircraft will be passed on to the Argentine Navy after crew training in the United States

The governments of Argentina and Norway have signed an agreement to transfer four P-3 Orion maritime patrol turboprops that will be operated by the Argentine Navy.

The aircraft were recently retired after Norway received Boeing P-8A Poseidon jets. The signing of the agreement took place on the frigate museum ship ARA “Presidente Sarmiento”, in Buenos Aires.

The acquisition of the aircraft was approved by the US government days ago, along with 24 F-16 fighters belonging to Denmark. Combat aircraft, however, still depend on the Argentine government’s decision in the competition that includes JF-17 fighters from China and Pakistan and HAL Tejas, from India.

Former Royal Norwegian Air Force P-3 Orion (RNN)

The four P-3s will replace the old P-3B Orion used by Argentina and which are out of date. The three-plane P-3C version has maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare capabilities while the single P-3N is also configured for Search and Rescue (SAR).

Currently, the aircraft are in the USA where Argentine Naval Aviation pilots and mechanics are undergoing intensive training. Only then will the four turboprops be sent to the South American country.

Argentine P-3B Orion (AA)

The Royal Norwegian Air Force operated the P-3 Orion for 57 years without interruption, until June, when the last planes of the type were removed from service.

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In its place, Norway acquired five Boeing P-8 Poseidon, which have all been delivered.


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