Antonov Airlines sets up new base in Germany

Leipzig Airport will be the temporary base for the Ukrainian cargo company’s An-124

Antonov’s management confirmed that it is setting up a new operations headquarters at Leizig International Airport, in Germany.

The Ukrainian company’s headquarters at Hostomel airport outside Kiev was destroyed after an attack by Russian troops in late February. The episode also marked the destruction of the An-225 Mriya, the world’s largest aircraft, which was stationed at the site.

Leipzig is already home to five Antonov Airlines An-124s, which were sent to the airport in Germany before the Russian invasion began.

Now the company plans to create a full-scale base at the new location, which includes the transfer of engines and spare parts, equipment, as well as technicians, flight personnel and administrative staff.

With the war going on, Antonov is prioritizing equipment transport flights and humanitarian missions in the service of the Ukrainian government.

Despite this, the company informed that it is open to carry out commercial flights. Antonov estimates it will complete around 385 flights in the next 12 months, with 1,270 landing operations.

The capture of Hostomel airport was one of the main objectives of the Russian army at the beginning of the Ukraine invasion campaign. Conquest of the site, about 10 km from the capital Kiev, would make it easier to invade the capital, allowing troops and equipment to land. The Russians, however, faced strong resistance from the Ukrainian armed forces and retreated.

The airfield, as well as Antonov’s facilities and aircraft (the Russian attack also damaged an An-22, An-26, An-74 and an An-124, in addition to the An-225), were seriously damaged.


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