Amazonas with a tight deadline to resume flights in Bolivia and hold AOC

The airline has not been flying since the beginning of August after leased Embraer E190 jets lost registration

The deadline for Amaszonas Lineas Aereas to resume its flights in Bolivia is running out. The airline stopped operating a month ago after the four Embraer E190 jets had their registrations annulled by DGAC, the Bolivian civil aviation agency.

José Iván García, director of the agency, recalled a few days ago that Amaszonas needs to resume regular flights within 60 days after the suspension of its air network, which is scheduled to occur in early October.

If Amaszonas does not carry out a regular flight, it will lose its Air Operator Certificate (AOC).

The carrier, controlled by Nella Linhas Aéreas, owned by Brazilian businessman Maurício de Souza, is discussing with the lessor GY Aviation regarding debts from the rental of the four Embraer jets, which could reach US$ 17 million.

GY Aviation, part of the CDB group, leased the four E190s in 2020, but requested the DGABC to cancel the aircraft’s registration after failing to receive the payments owed by Amaszonas.

Amaszonas is controlled by Nella Linhas Aereas

The civil aviation authority has suspended registrations of the CP-3135, CP-3142, CP-3145 and CP-3171 jets since August 7, preventing the airline from continuing to operate as it does not have any other aircraft in the fleet.

Two E190s have been out of service for months, one parked in Bolivia and the other sent to Embraer, in Brazil.

Amaszonas tried to reverse the blocking of the planes in court, but despite some favorable decisions, the DGABC continues to prevent the E190s from being used again.

In an interview last month, an executive from Amaszonas stated that the company was negotiating a contribution from a US investor.


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