Airbus BelugaST delivers ACH160 helicopter in Brazil

The first incursion of the cargo aircraft into Latin America is part of the European manufacturer’s strategy to diversify the activities of the Beluga fleet

Airbus delivered the first ACH160 helicopter in Brazil and used a unique means of transport in Latin America, the BelugaST.

The aircraft specialized in transporting bulky cargo was used as part of the new Airbus Beluga Transport company, formed by the five Belugas ST, developed from the A300-600 jetliner.

The Beluga ST is being replaced by the larger BelugaXL, based on the A330-200, in the task of transporting Airbus-manufactured aircraft structures to various locations in the Northern Hemisphere.

The new company starts to fight for a niche where until then only the big Antonov freighters such as the An-124 and the An-225 operated, which was destroyed in the Russian invasion in February.

Airbus BelugaST (Guilherme Ramos)

The visit to Brazil began on Sunday, July 24, when the number 2 Beluga ST landed in the city of Fortaleza, after a technical stopover in Africa. The whale-shaped jet arrived at Viracopos Airport, its final destination, on Monday, where it unloaded the helicopter.

From now on it will be more common to see an Airbus Beluga in operation at various airports around the world.


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