Airbus about to launch high-density A320neo – report

Aircraft with 194 seats would be a response to the Boeing 737 MAX-8200

Airbus may launch a high-density variant of the A320neo in response to the Boeing 737 MAX-8200. The information was revealed by journalist Andreas Spaeth, who shared a presentation where the jetliner is configured with 194 seats.

Called the Space Flex V2, the configuration adds three more rows of seats to the A320’s cabin. At the front, the configuration has a new 2+2 row and at the back a regular 3+3 row and another 2+2 row.

The solution to getting more space inside the cabin is creative and attractive for the airlines, but not so much for the passengers – and the flight attendants who work on the plane.

With the addition of more rows, also by reducing the pitch between the rows, the A320 cabin seen in the image loses half the space in the rear, where the galley loses half the space for the installation of two toilets.

According to reports, flight attendants complain about the lack of space to work on the plane and passengers criticize the bathrooms with too thin walls.

Boeing 737 MAX-8200 (Ryanair)

Ultra low cost carriers

The potential high-density variant of the A320neo has a very obvious clientele, ultra-low-cost airlines. It was one of them that made possible the launch of the 737 MAX-8200, Ryanair.

The aircraft entered service in 2021 after a long wait for approval for commercial operation of the 737 MAX by civil aviation authorities worldwidei.

There are currently about 250 orders from four customers for the 737 MAX-8200, which is certified to carry 197 passengers.

If overall, the A320neo family has taken advantage of orders over the 737 MAX, the Boeing aircraft is unrivaled in this niche.