Airbus abandons target of delivering around 700 jets in 2022

Planemaker would still have to deliver 135 aircraft in December while it managed just 68 deliveries last month

Airbus announced that it will no longer pursue its goal of delivering 700 jets in 2022, although it says it should end the year close to that level.

The European planemaker admitted the new reality when reporting having delivered 68 commercial jets in November, which raised the total in 11 months to 565 aircraft.

As a result, it would have to deliver 135 planes in December alone, but supply chain problems also make it difficult to produce its planes.

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Rather than hitting the delivery target, Airbus said it was committed to meeting its financial plan released during the nine-month earnings report.

The company also revised the target of raising the monthly production rate of the A320neo family to 65 aircraft in 2023 and 2024, which will reach the level of 75 aircraft by the middle of the decade.

Deliveries over 2021

Until November, six A220-100, 39 A220-300, six A319neo, 214 A320neo, 220 A321neo, four A330-200, four A330-300, three A330-800, 17 A330-900, 44 A350-900 and eight A350-1000.

Compared to the same timeframe in 2021, there are 47 more aircraft, considering two A350-900s ready for Aeroflot, but which were not delivered due to economic sanctions on Russia.

Airbus also reported booking 29 new aircraft orders in November, but 14 cancellations. The backlog currently stands at 7,344 aircraft.


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