Airbus A350-900ULR can fly 9,700 nautical miles non-stop

With a range announced by Airbus, A350-900ULR will be able to fly nonstop between New York and Melbourne, separated by about 10,370 miles
Singapore airlines is the first customer of the ultra long-range A350-900

A misunderstanding would have made the range of the A350-900ULR jet smaller than previously thought. When it launched the ultra-long-range version in 2015, upon ordering Singapore Airlines, Airbus revealed only that the aircraft would be able to fly for 19 hours without refueling. Already the Asian company announced the range as 8,700 nautical miles at the time (16,100 kilometers), which separates Singapore from New York – where it intends to use the jet.

Now, Airbus corrected the information on its website and revealed even more impressive autonomy: 9,700 nautical miles, or 17,964 kilometers. That means in practice that an A350-900ULR takes off from New York and, almost 20 hours later, lands in Melbourne, Australia. Today flying to the Australian city is an arduous task, requiring a stopover on the way.

Airbus, however, denied that there was a change in jet performance, due to go into operation in 2019. The information would always be the current one, but the confusion with the episode has inadvertently reduced the range of the twin-engine airplane, which also Was commissioned by Qatar, in addition to Singapore.

To achieve this performance, Airbus will increase fuel capacity by 17% through additional tanks. It remains to know how to keep passengers entertained and rested after 19 hours on board an airplane.

A350-900ULR range


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