Airbus A220 expected to debut transatlantic flights with Breeze Airways

US carrier requested approval from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to fly to destinations such as Ireland

Breeze Airways, the newest airline launched by entrepreneur David Neeleman, could soon put its Airbus A220 on transatlantic flights, which would be a milestone for the type.

Neeleman revealed in an interview this week in Canada that the carrier requested approval from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to establish high-season routes to destinations in Europe (Ireland) and the Caribbean.

Although it did not reveal where the flights would depart from, Breeze is expected to use airports such as Boston or New York, where many people of Irish descent live, and which are within range of the aircraft.

The flight between Dublin and Boston takes 6:15 and 6:30 hours while the route between the Irish capital and New York takes 6:30 and 7 hours of flight time.

Breeze Embraer E195

The flight distances of the two routes are around 4,800 km and 5,100 km, according to FlightRadar24. The A220-300 has a range of 6,297 km, according to Airbus.

Breeze Airways debuted in 2021 with a fleet of second hand Embraer E190 and E195 jets, but soon received its first new A220, which is used on routes with greater demand and distance. It currently has 35 aircraft in service, including 18 A220-300s, 10 E190s and seven E195s.

The service offered by the airline includes direct flights between smaller cities and simplified ticket purchase, check-in and baggage check-in processes.

Breeze was created by Neeleman in 2018, after the businessman left JetBlue, which he also launched.


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