Air Belgium becomes the new customer of the A330-900neo

The small airline will replace two A340-300s with the same number of twins starting in October

Air Belgium, an airline dedicated to long-range flights, announced on Thursday the leasing of two Airbus A330-900neo jets.

The aircraft will be delivered starting in October and will replace two of the four A340-300s currently operated by the company.

The A330-900 is an improved variant of the long-range twin engine, capable of flying 8,150 nautical miles nonstop. As of May, Airbus had 316 firm orders for the model, from 17 known customers – 42 aircraft did not have their buyers disclosed.

Of these seven customers are leasing companies from which the two Air Belgium jets will be received. Equipped with Rolls-Royce Trent 700 engines, the two A330-900s consume 25% less fuel than planes like the four-engined A340.

Air Belgium has four A340-300 (Koenn07)

Air Belgium will configure its A330-900 with 286 seats, 21 more than the A340-300.

“Air Belgium is very happy and proud to present these new aircraft in Belgium. They are the most modern aircraft that will operate under the Belgian flag. We are very pleased by our experience operating the Airbus A340s, demonstrating reliability, comfort and performance,” said Niky Terzakis, CEO of Air Belgium.

The first A330neo will start flying between Brussels and Mauritius on October 15th.


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