After receiving six Super Tucanos, Philippines plans to double orders

Embraer aircraft were officially delivered to the Air Force this week at Clark air base

The Philippine Air Force officially received on October 14 the six Embraer A-29B Super Tucano turboprops ordered in 2017. The aircraft started to be sent to the Asian country in September, but formally were not yet part of the fleet.

They will be used in conjunction with the old twin-engine OV-10 Bronco for aerial support, light attack, surveillance, counter-insurgency missions and training.

“The Philippine Air Force takes pride in welcoming the six A-29B Super Tucano from Embraer Defense and Security into the blue fold of our skies as part of our fleet. The addition of these close air support aircraft is a great leap in our air power capability as we sound together in our flight to a more capable and credible Air Force for the nation and its people,” said Lieutenant General Allen T. Paredes AFP, Commanding General of the Philippine Air Force.

The six Philippines’ Super Tucanos (Embraer)

“It is an honor to deliver these six A-29 Super Tucanos to The Philippine Air Force,” said Jackson Schneider, CEO of Embraer Defense & Security.

Despite having just received the planes, the Philippine defense secretary, Delfin Lorenzana, told the Philippine Daily Inquirer that the government is considering acquiring another batch of A-29. “Having six Super Tucanos is good, but maybe another six will be better,” he would have stated.

The Super Tucano has already produced almost 300 units since 2003, when it entered into service with the Brazilian Air Force. One of the aircraft’s next customers will be Nigeria.

PAF A-29B Super Tucano (Embraer)


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