Nigeria’s first A-29 Super Tucano unveiled with full combat colors

African country signed an agreement with Embraer and SNC to receive 12 units of the light attack aircraft from 2021

Images of the first A-29 Super Tucano of the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) with full combat colors were revealed on Thursday attributed to Embraer and the Sierra Nevada Corporation, partners in the light attack and reconnaissance program.

Nigeria announced an agreement for 12 A-29 Super Tucano in December 2018, through a United States financing program for countries fighting terrorism. The first of these turboprops took its maiden flight to Florida in April, but had not received its definitive painting, which use camouflage for desert regions.

All 12 aircraft will be assembled at the Jacksonville plant in the USA. The first A-29 will soon fly to Denver’s Centennial Airport in Colorado, where NAF pilots conduct their training before being delivered from 2021.

According to Embraer, the Super Tucano is used by 15 air forces in the world, including the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Indonesia, and the Philippines countries. The aircraft, an enhanced version of the EMB-312 training aircraft, has been evaluated by the US Air Force in a bid for a light attack and ground support aircraft.

Two units of the A-29 were recently acquired by the United States government to proceed with the assessments, along with its rival, the AT-6 Wolverine. According to Sierra Nevada, the new Super Tucano will be used in the Air Force Special Operations Command. With its low operating cost and versatility, the aircraft has been an interesting option for use in missions against terrorist groups.

The Nigeria Air Force will receive 12 aircraft from 2021 (Embraer)


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